Residential Surveys and Covid-19

Carrying Out Residential Surveys Safely During COVID-19


During these unprecedented times the safety of our clients, vendors and surveyors are paramount to Fairhurst Buckley. We have produced the following criteria and guidelines, which outlines the process and procedure which our surveyors are currently working to, in order to achieve maximum safety.

  • Upon enquiry, we would need to understand the status of the property - whether this would be currently vacant or occupied.
  • If occupied, and when instructed, the surveyor will contact the vendor to discuss the below points, along with ensuring the vendor is fully comfortable with the survey taking place. We will also ask you some questions to understand if there is anyone isolating, being shielded or over 70 years of age living in the residence. This will determine whether or not the survey can take place or if additional precautions are needed in the case of there being anyone over the age of 70 present at the property.
  • Upon arrival to the property the surveyor will have with them PPE, including latex gloves and FFP2 rated mask, which will be worn throughout the inspection.
  • The procedure will be explained again to the vendor at the property, whilst maintaining the recommended 2 metre social distancing.
  • The survey of the external areas can be carried out as usual, however, the surveyor will be wearing the above-mentioned PPE throughout.
  • At this stage, if the property is occupied, the vendor will need to vacate the property to allow for an internal inspection. The period is likely to be around 45 minutes and the vendor may vacate into the garden if the social distancing measures can be achieved or take the opportunity to carry out their permitted exercise for the day.
  • If for any reason the surveyor comes into contact with any element within the home, such as loft hatch, door handles, handrails, etc., disinfectant spray will be administered to the area, which the surveyor will have with them at all times. The surveys are non-intrusive and this will mean that contact will be limited.
  • The surveyor will then vacate the property, maintaining a safe distance, and will contact the vendor to inform them that the survey has been concluded.